Pricing and The Process

“At no time did I ever feel pressured while working with Sally. She always communicated clearly and effectively and provided the product just as promised. ”
Betty K.


I try to make my pricing as straightforward and easy to understand as possible.

First off, as it usually is, all pricing is subject to change (gotta get that out of the way).

My session fee is $220.00 and is due at the time of booking your session. The session fee includes the time and talent of the photographer only (that’s me!). Products and/or digital files are not included.

I have four collections of products that offer considerable savings from my a la carte pricing options.

Collection prices run from $1634.00 to $2614.00.

I am also able to create personal collections based on your individual needs.

I accept payment via cash, check, PayPal, and credit cards. Full payment for your products is due at the end of the ordering session.

more details on pricing and process, have a look at my Portrait Session Guide. If you’d like a hard copy sent to you, click here and give me your deets. 🙂

Before Your Session

So here’s how it goes, basically:
You give me call, an email, drop a line, you get the idea.

We chat, and decide ‘LET’S DO THIS!’. We pick a session date, and I send you a portrait contract via email which you can then sign online and it gets sent back to me.

I will send you an invoice for the session fee which you can pay online or send via snail mail.

Once I receive your session fee payment, we get the party started. And by ‘party’ I mean, we find a time to meet (I am partial to cafes) to talk about what you are looking to get out of your photo session. Before this meeting, I will send you a questionnaire via email that will help me get to know you and your family a little better.

Also during the meeting, I will show you examples of the products I offer and we can go over all my packages and pricing in more detail.

This is our time to discuss locations (I have many I love and but am open to suggestions!), outfits, and any other topics you may need to ask about. No question is too silly!

During Your Session

Once we have a date and a location settled, a signed contract, and a session fee paid, next comes the day of the shoot!

First let me say don’t freak out if you have to reschedule. Seriously.

As long as I can fit you in, we’ll make it work. That is NOT something to stress about.

Now, the photo session. Here’s what is going to happen, ready?

If you want any group shots or kids together shots, we’ll get those in first. Remember, I am lifestyle photographer, so perfectly posed ain’t my thing (have a look at my portfolio for examples). This means, if you’re kids are off the wall and not sitting still, that’s cool with me!

I will spend most of the session, trying to get everyone to laugh, have fun, and be as comfortable as possible via conversation, jokes (I will ask permission to go into the poop humor), silly hats, dancing around, making strange sounds, and singing songs (this goes for the teenagers too, by the way).

If your children are old enough (or if it’s you!) I may do some positioning in the good light and some minor directing when it comes to how a head is tilted, which way someone is facing, or what they are standing in front of.

If your child is a tough crowd (it happens – my kid is pretty much impossible to get to smile), that’s ok. Some of my favorite portraits are of kids just chillin’ being kids and me catching them in those moments with my camera.

This little guy wouldn’t smile for me and kept running away, causing much stress for his parents. In the end, this image of a relaxed peaceful moment was one of the favorites of the bunch.

F. A. Q.

After Your Session

Our meetings will generally last an hour, sometimes a little more. But we can take as much time as needed.
Gift and wall prints take approximately two weeks. Gallery blocks, metal prints, folios, accordion books, and albums can take up to four weeks.
My rule of thumb is: if there’s someone that is important in making the decisions about what images you’ll want, and what products you’ll want (including budget decisions) that person should be at the ordering session.

I order your products as soon as possible after our session (usually the same day) so getting all the important decision makers together is key.
Yes, of course! My collections are only available during our ordering session but if you decide you need another 8×10 to send to grandma, not a problem!

Items a la carte may be purchased for up to six months after your ordering session.

If you originally purchased a collection, your a la carte collection discount will be honored.

Within one month of your session, you will meet with me for an in person presentation and product ordering session (again, I like cafes, but I’m open to suggestions).

During this meeting, which should take about an hour, I will present you with around 20 final edited image proofs from your photo session in a slideshow format.

Then, we will go through each of the images and rate them “yes”, “no”, and “maybe” keeping in mind what types of products you are hoping to invest in.

We keep going through the images until we’ve narrowed down your favorites. Then we’ll assign images to products and your order will be complete!

You will pay for your products at this meeting, and I will scurry off and get everything ordered and ready to go.

Once your products arrive, I will contact you to arrange a good time to bring you your order. Then I will hand deliver your order to make sure you love them, love them, love them!