About Me (Sally, That Is)

“My kids had such a fun morning during our photo shoot with Sally. While they are typically very shy and quiet they quickly warmed up to Sally and had such a great time with her.”Kapsalis Family

I’m a gemini with a virgo rising.

I’m an art student that went to library school.

I’m a painter that was a project manager for many years.

I’m a neat freak that lets things get messy.

I suffer from having expensive taste, but find snobbery in any form repugnant. (Is that ironic?)

I prefer sprinting to long distance but have learned the importance of pacing myself.

I am more like a dog, but have always had cats.

I’m a cynic that cries easily.

I’m pretty sure meditation would solve all my problems, but am still experimenting to see if 70% cocoa chocolate can serve in its place.

I dyed my hair SO many colors when I was younger but now that it’s grey I let it be.

I’m a portrait photographer that prefers her pictures in albums (I can’t choose!)

I LOVE love coffee, but can only handle decaf.

I’m always striving to be better, but am SO grateful for life as it is now.

My portrait above is courtesy of Ristaino Photography.

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